Web Interop 2024

Published Sat Feb 03 2024

This morning I read a post about Interop 2024. Interop is a collaborative benchmark created by the large browser engine maintainers. The past 2 years of this has been great for cross-browser compatibility of modern features. With Apple, Google, and Mozilla in collaboration we got some awesome stuff already:

In 2024 there are 12 new focus areas. Personally I have been most excited about the expanded CSS feature support from these efforts. While already mostly supported it is great to see CSS nesting has been prioritized. Beyond nesting this feature set does not immeidately jump out at me like past years, and I think that is a good thing!

Since I learned CSS only 5 years ago it has improved so much. This year we may even be getting stylable scroll bars, anything is possible now! I’m excited to see how “modern” styles are authored in another 5 years.