Valuing Unrefined Perspectives

Published Mon Jan 22 2024

I have two cats; without them my life would be much easier. As we grow together I have begun to recognize how powerful their perspective is. Witnessing another being with an unrefined perspective, one not bound by the complexities yours has formed around, as they approach their unknowns is amazing. It helps to be reminded of this process that we are constantly carrying out ourselves.

Every day we are confronted by something new and quickly create a crude concept of it for ourselves. Our concepts may become accurate, but they are honed and thus limited by experience. The small things we misunderstand can slip away under a larger accurate model. Next time you witness the forming of understanding pay attention, take notes. They could stumble somewhere you didn’t and reveal information you have long since screened out of the realm of possibility.

Inspired by Hammond, a cat who may never learn

Hammond the cat