1. Pouring Into the Internet

Published Sat Jan 13 2024

Hello Internet, my name is Drake, I am a developer from Colorado currently living in Chicago. For a long time I have engaged with the internet solely as a consumer. Scouring articles and feeds, watching videos, but never commenting, posting, or liking. Recently I’ve decided to change this, I am now a developer who scribbles on the walls in his corner of the internet. I am doing this for many reasons, but chiefly as an act of reciprocity.

For me, writing is an act of reciprocity with the world; it is what I can give back in return for everything that has been given to me. And now there’s another layer of responsibility, writing on a thin sheet of tree and hoping the words are worth it. Such a thought could make a person set down her pen.

Robin Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Every day I benefit from the Internet, it is time I begin working to provide it gifts of my own. Through reciprocity with the online world I will continue to master my craft as a programmer, and I hope my lessons learned may bear fruit for others doing the same. My writing will primarily be about developer tooling, web development, and programming. Come back here to see me posting daily, pouring into the internet.

See you around,
– Drake