Distractions in Digital Workspaces

Published Wed Feb 14 2024 Updated Sun Feb 18 2024

While reading and watching what people have had to say about the Apple Vision Pro one narrative has stood out to me. Many users note deeper focus, less distractions, and feeling immersed in their tasks or entertainment while using the device. These headsets can drown out visual noise in the same way headphones drown out audible noise.

This ability to tune into what matters pulls me to other tools I love. I am excited to see how focus-enhancing digital environments pan out. At the same time this technology can and will be used for the opposite. I was afraid of the social outcomes when these platforms are used to distract users, but after spending more time with a computer strapped to my head I feel VR and AR are at least for now better for your attention than a phone.

With a headset the barriers to quickly become absorbed are much higher. When I get bored while working on something it is much easier to reflexively open my phone than equip a headset and open some applications. I find my time spent with a headset on is more intentional than that I spend in front of other screens.