Changing Structure

Published Thu Feb 08 2024

After writing these posts for nearly a month I’m ready to start making some structural changes to my site. First is going to be updating old posts. I intend to go back to earlier posts and expand upon them in some way. These are currently sorted by created date, but I am going to try sorting by modified date once I update one.

Along with this I plan to add some tags, though I don’t think they will be too impactful at the moment since I do not have that much posted here yet. All I have for today, here is some fennel I am messing with to sort my notes. It doesn’t work yet, I’ll get it tomorrow :)

(fn key_to_list [key]
  (var result [])
  (var curr "")
  (var curr_type :num)
  (for [i 1 (length key)]
    (var k (string.sub key i i))
    (var k_type "")
    (if (= (tonumber k) nil)
      (set k_type "alpha")
      (set k_type "num"))
    (if (not (= k_type curr_type))
      (table.insert result curr)
      (set curr_type k_type)
      (set curr k)
      (set curr (.. curr k))

(fn an_srt [items]
  (each [k v (ipairs items)]
    (print (key_to_list v))

(an_srt [:1z :1a :2 :2a :2b :2a1])